Daniel Mendoza Speaks

Circo De La Muerte.jpg

The Illustrated Woman; Page 1

This is a look at the first page of my comic, “The Illustrated Woman.” It features Daniel Mendoza, who serves as the book’s narrator as well as one of its main characters. The book itself goes back and forth from stand-alone stories created from the tattoos that cover the Illustrated Woman’s body to a longer narrative about the circus itself.

As cool and sexy as the Illustrated Woman is, Mendoza is an interesting character in his own right.

The character is based on the real Daniel Mendoza, who is considered to be the the “father of scientific boxing.” He reigned as the champion of England from 1792-1795.

“The Illustrated Woman” takes place in a universe where all of this is true, but he also operates a super natural circus. I mean, why wouldn’t he?

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