Five Cool Comic Book Things from Today

Here’s the five coolest things I found about comic book art on WordPress today:

The Butterfly Stage – This is an autobiographical look at mental illness and creativity by London-based comic book creator Bryony Attenburrow.

The art is simple, but emotive, which is probably what you’re looking for when you’re trying to give people a glimpse of the mental illness that curses you.

Lady Cult Blog – This here lady cult curates comic book art, which sounds like a fun thing to do. But I have to give her special recognition for including Planet of Vampires. That’s some yummy 70’s schlock right there.

I’m also a sucker for retro-horror comics covers, so this was some good inspiration for the day.

We are the Mutants – This post is a one stop shop for sound effect brainstorming. The Mutants provide a nice sampling of sound effect graphics from 1939 – 1985.

BookidoteThe Complete Maus by Art Spiegelmen is out. Bookidote does a good job of explaining why you might want to check it out even if you’ve read the whole series already. – A look at a few BEAUTIFUL text-free comics pages by. It’s a site a just stumbled up, and I’m a sucker for a good story told exclusively by images.

Looks like I found it too late though. The artist used the same post to announce it would be his last post on that site. But not to worry. There will be a new site, which is good. I want to know what happens next!

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