Old Man Logan

This is a commission I did recently for a customer who wanted to see Old Man Logan squaring off against Dinosaur Venom. I threw in blind Hawkeye for free!

It looks even better in real life all nice and framed up:


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Generic Yet Striking; Announcing a New Series of Pen and Ink Mock Covers


I’m trying to create as many faux covers as I can using old ideas in new ways. Captain Death is a tongue in cheek look at generic superhero/villain names, but the character himself is very striking.

The second piece, featured above is called Tattooed Golem. It’s simply a new interpretation of a very old idea.

I try to create covers that capture the imagination. Both of these covers led me to create backgrounds about each character simply from looking at the image.

Captain Death is a Captain America pastiche, but in this case Cap’s had a fall from grace and has gone full Punisher. Seeing as Captain America is the best at everything, it’s probably fair to say Captain Death is probably the best killer in the world. That’s a pretty exciting tale to spin from one simple drawing.

Tattooed Golem draws from Jewish Folklore to give us a golem that is tattooed. He’s done up to look like the Western Wall. If you zoom in you can see the magic word that gave him life, almost like a supernatural grill.

If you have any cool ideas you’d like to see come to life, email me at mason@ftmedia.com or call me at 512-296-7829.