The Marx Brothers Meet the Surrealist Woman

This beautiful india ink drawing is a tribute to a script written by Salvador Dali that included parts for the Marx Brothers. The script was discovered among his papers after his death. In addition to the Marx Brothers, the script includes a character called the “Surrealist Woman,” who we see smoking a cigarette in the background. The drawing was done in pencil and inked with india ink markers. It look stunning in a frame and is perfect for both art and comedy connoisseurs. Add $40.00 for frame. INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHING CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES


The Ringmaster

This is a headshot of Daniel Mendoza, the narrator and ringmaster of “The Illustrated Woman,” a comic book by Mason Lerner. This 11 X 17 India Ink drawing will make your blood run cold while it captures your imagination. Daniel Mendoza simply looks like a guy who knows stuff. And he does. Add $40.00 for frame. FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING IN CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES


Tattooed Golem

What is the Tattooed Golem? It’s an 11 X 17 black and white marriage of brute strength, supernatural mythology and badass tattoos. The Tattooed Golem was born to be a conversation starter.


Captain Death

Every once in a while I like to play around with superhero archetypes. Here I mixed the ultimate hero, Captain America, with the ultimate anti-hero, the Punisher. The result was Captain Death. Just imagine Steve Rogers slinging his shield if he was as ruthless as Frank Castle? What would happen? Truth, Justice and Decapitation of course.


Old Man Logan/SOLD

11 X 17 India Ink Drawing of Old Man Logan and blind Hawkeye battling a T-Rex enhanced by the Venom symbiote. While the film "Logan" was its own vision of near-perfection, Old Man Logan got his start just like young man Logan did: In the comics. This hand drawn piece captures three of Marvel's coolest characters. Add $40.00 for frame. INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHING CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES.


Thor vs. Hulk Face Off

If you grew up reading classic comic book battles between Thor and the Hulk, this one's for you. This 11 X 17 India Ink drawing captures Thor and the Hulk in the moments before one of their epic clashes. Add $40.00 for frame. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES



Man In the Mirror

This 11 X 17 India Ink drawing is a page from my comic "The Illustrated Woman." Here we see the protagonist literally waking up to the reality of how he sees himself in the mirror and how he fears he may look in the near future.